The origin of the name is ...

[kikunosanchino] The origin of the name is ,

Written in Japanese, it is "Kikuno-san's house". It is as it is.

Kikuno-san is my grandma's name.

She has already died, but when I thought about the name of the store, it came to my mind.

I lived with my grandmother for a long time, but since I went to Tokyo after graduating from high school, I had less chance to talk in the years before my death.

I can't do anything anymore, but it's a rare name, and I decided to borrow her name because I wanted my grandma to watch over me!

I wish I had become a grandmother's filial piety. .. ..

From here, [kikunosanchino] is spreading more and more, and the name is such that it will follow not only the kimono remake but also the desire to challenge various things.

Please remember.