[Order] Kimono long wallet & hair band

You visited the "Kikuno-san's garden" that is held every month and placed an order.

My boyfriend and my girlfriend came to the store, and I bought a long wallet made from the fabric of a kimono for men owned by the boyfriend, and a hair band for her using a different fabric from a kimono. I received your order.

The long wallet is a type that fastens with a magnet, and the contents are the same as the design on the website.

If you use the kimono fabric as it is, the fabric will be too thin and lack tension, so I took countermeasures such as pasting interfacing with different thicknesses for each part on the back and inserting boards.

And here is the finished long wallet ↓

The dark navy blue gives a calm impression overall.

Magnetic type with a wide mouth opening makes it easy to see the contents and organize them.

For the other headband, I decided to use the design on the website as it is.

Since the pattern of the kimono you have is different depending on the location, I thought about where to cut it to make the best use of it.

And here is the finished hair band ↓

I made it so that different patterns appear on the left and right sides, so when you wear it on your head, it looks great from any angle.

The colors are gray and black, so I think you can enjoy coordinating with any outfit.

I actually wore it home, and it looked really cute~☆

I would be happy if you could use a lot of long wallets and hair bands.

Thank you.

Orders are currently stopped.

We will inform you on our website or Instagram when we resume.