[Order] 3WAY Clutch

I received an order for a bag that goes well with a nice white lace blouse and skirt.

I love the double-sided belt with a flower pattern woven inside the lozenge♡

I wanted a clutch bag big enough to hold a long wallet, mobile phone, handkerchief, and lips.

And here is the finished bag ↓

I used the full width of the

obi and made a 3cm gusset.

The D-ring for attaching the chain is also attached inside so that it cannot be seen from the outside.

Did you think that it would be 2-way diagonally? It is a gift of chance. lol

Here it is ↓

Finally, here is the actual coordinated styling ↓

Dressing up coordination ♡

Perfect for a beautiful and nice setup!

I think you can wear it as a point for casual wear.

Wouldn't it be cute to wear it with G-pants, a T-shirt, and a shoulder bag☺

I want you to enjoy various coordination.

Thank you♡

If there are any customers who would like to order, we look forward to hearing from you via the contact page on our website.
We would like to proceed with the work while listening to your wishes.