[Order] Long wallet

I received an order for a long wallet made from the obi I have.

They wanted a zipper around the wallet and the same shape as the long wallet they had made previously.

We had a meeting about which part of the obi to cut out the pattern, and then we started production.

It was my first time using a fastener type, so I made a prototype and made it through trial and error.

And here is the finished long wallet ↓

How do you like it?

Cut out the part that makes the best use of the obi pattern, creating an elegant and luxurious item.

It has a coin purse, 1 divider, 12 cards, and 2 pockets.

I also used the obi pattern on the inside to make it gorgeous.

Because there is a core between the outer material and the lining, you can use it without losing its shape.

I hope you will use it a lot!

If there are any customers who would like to place an order, we look forward to hearing from you via the contact page on our website.
We would like to proceed with the work while listening to your wishes.