[Order] Long wallet

I got an order for a wallet because I liked the pattern of the obi.

I would like a large wallet with a long wallet so that it can fit a lot.

I'm making a wallet for the first time, so I'll start by finding out how to make it!

I checked the zipper pocket of the coin purse and how to make the card holder, and made a pattern while worrying about how many cards to put in.

An adhesive interlining is attached to the back of the outer material to give a feeling of thread processing and tension, and the lining is all white, which is also elegantly finished in a simple color using the lining of the obi.

Using the outer fabric inside, it looks like you will feel better when you open it ♡

And the completed long wallet is here ↓

The bellows open wide, making it easier to see and organize the inside.

Actually, due to my calculation error on the way, one partition was added, and the wallet had a larger capacity than planned, but the result is all right! Lol

After all, the gorgeous and gorgeous atmosphere peculiar to this obi! !!

There is no doubt that your fortune will increase ♡

I want you to use it a lot and spread the happy aura to the people around you ♡

If you have a customer who wants to place an order, we are looking forward to hearing from you on our website.
I would like to proceed with the work while asking for your wishes.