[Order] Bi-fold wallet

I received an order for my wallet again.

This time, I wanted a wallet that was as small and compact as possible.

The obi that you liked was a little thick, so I decided to fold it in half.

I was wondering where to put the coin purse, but I decided to attach the coin purse to the side with a zipper in consideration of securing the number of cards that can be inserted.

The design is as simple and easy to use as possible.

And the completed wallet is here ↓

The size is 9 cm x 12 cm, and 6 cards can be stored.

Since it was a very impactful obi, I cut out the part where the best of this obi comes out, and finished it as a unique wallet like no other.

I heard that you are planning to go to the United States, so please take me with you ♡

If you have a customer who wants to place an order, we are looking forward to hearing from you on our website.
I would like to proceed with the work while asking for your wishes.