[Order] Square bag

I received an order for a bag.

I wanted a size that could fit in a generous amount of A4 size.

I didn't want to change the direction of the obi, so I decided to make it vertically long.

The width of the obi is used to the maximum in the horizontal direction so that it can be fully inserted, and the height is determined according to the A4 size in the vertical direction.

I made some prototypes and here is the finished bag ↓

The size of the laptop is large enough to fit in, and the simple handle makes it a unique item that attracts the attention of the obi pattern.

I think it has a presence that is second to none in any outfit.

I hope you can use it a lot!

If you have a customer who wants to place an order, we are looking forward to hearing from you inquiries on our website.
I would like to proceed with the work while asking for your wishes.