[Kikuno sanchino] I saw the clutch bag and contacted me.
According to the story, he wants a bag that will be 2 way, and he usually has a lot of plain clothes, and he is coordinating that bags and accessories are one point.

I learned that your color diagnosis is winter.

When I was listening to the story, I swelled the image in my head and circulated the fabrics I had, and this obi came to my mind.

It is a sack band with a large phoenix woven on a silver background.

I slept all the time trying to use this obi as I bought it.

It's perfect for the image as if you were sleeping for this time, and if you propose it to the customer, it seems to be auspicious if you have a phoenix! I was relieved because I liked it very much.

I left it to me to match the patterns.

Arranged so that the phoenix's face appears large on the front.
Feathers are connected from the front to the back.

When you open the front, you can see the phoenix's feet inside.

It is a pattern matching that casually connects everything!

It was a lot of fun when I was thinking about this! !!

One pocket inside,

It is a 2-way specification with a string attached.

As a clutch, as a shoulder.

Formal style and casual style.

There are many ways to coordinate, so I hope that you will smile when you bring it with you! !!

I am relieved that the customers were pleased with the photos and impressions of the coordination.

If you would like to place an order, please contact us from the inquiry on our website.
I would like to proceed with the work while asking for your wishes.