New Year

New Year 🎍

I was requested to lay a table runner when arranging the clauses.

The table in my house is large for 6 people, but I decided to make it a type that hangs both ends and attach tassel so that it looks luxurious.

The obi used is a gold sash with a turtle shell pattern that means "longevity auspicious sign", a rhombus pattern that means "no illness", and a chrysanthemum flower pattern that means "dispelling evil". ..

There is no doubt that it will be auspicious from the New Year! (Laughs)

And the completed table runner is here ↓

The sea bream and sea bream placed on it shine, and the appearance is also gorgeous.

I was greeted with a good mood early in the new year β™‘

One difficulty is that you are worried about spilling food and getting your obi dirty. (Laughs)

It cannot be washed with water, so it is best to wipe it with a cloth that has been wrung out tightly.

Another way is to spray it with a waterproof spray before using it.

Remake of kimono and obi is a place where you have to be careful about care, but if you put your hands on it, it will become an important item, so please enjoy it as a real pleasure!