A mysterious story ...

On my blog the other day The origin of the name of the shop is that I borrowed the name of my grandma Kikuno I wrote.

A few days later, I was watching a program called "Imperial Diary" by NTV. (I like my mother and record it occasionally. Lol)
The program is a program that follows the imperial family That time was a compilation of the videos so far.

Near my house There is a large and famous shrine where the imperial family can come to worship.

There is a video of the current Emperor and Masako in 1993. When a lot of people gathered on the approach to see them at a glance were shown on TV Su.
My father, who was watching with me, said, "Oh !!"
When I thought about something and looked closely at the screen, ...

Grandma waving in the front row with a smile like never seen before was.
An insanely happy smile.

I was surprised. At that time I was 7 years old.
I didn't even know that my grandma was lining up early in the morning to see her.

Moreover, at this timing!
At this time when the shop was opened in the name of Mr. Kikuno!

I interpret it as if he came to see me. With a great smile. Lol

Thank you ♡ I will do my best from now on ♡
Don't watch over! !!

This was my strange story!