[Order] Shoulder bag

I received an order from a male customer to make it in the same shape as the bag I have.

As a result of asking about your wishes and consulting,

  • Use a blue fabric that does not have such a flashy pattern.
  • There was a snap type button, but it broke, so I changed it to a magnet button.
  • Increase the length of the shoulder strap a little.
  • Finish lightly without lining.
It was


The person who ordered it was a man, so I thought I'd look for the fabric in a men's kimono, but most of the colors were blue or navy, so I decided to look for it in a women's kimono. bottom.

And here is the finished bag ↓

How is it?

I found a kimono with a beautiful bright blue color and an elegant pattern.

The bag is fashionable even if it is carried by a man.

There is plenty of town and plenty of content.

I hope you can use it a lot.

If you have a customer who wants to place an order, we are looking forward to hearing from you on our website.
I would like to proceed with the work while asking for your wishes.