[Order] 2WAY bag

I received an order for a 2WAY bag.

This time, I would like to have a warm image like spring.

Since I was learning tea and had the opportunity to wear a kimono, I searched for an obi that would be familiar to both kimono and everyday wear.

I found this obi there.

It is a sash with pink and blue as the key points in a calm and warm color as a whole. You can use it elegantly even with a kimono.

When I made a proposal to the customer, I liked it so I started work.

The width of the bag is made by maximizing the width that can be used with the obi, and considering the size that is neither too large nor too small to hold as a clutch.

And here is the completed bag.

I used the lining of the obi as it is, and made one pocket inside.

And I have a gold strap for the shoulder.

The atmosphere I had is like this.

What do you think.

If you look closely, the bird is drawn and it is cute, and the embroidery is three-dimensional, so it became a luxurious bag.

I hope you enjoy your daily coordination.

If you would like to place an order, please contact us from the inquiry on our website.
I would like to proceed with the work while asking for your wishes.